Who Is Palace Dance Center

Who Is Palace Dance Center

Palace Dance Center is an 11 year Dance Company servicing dancer all over the United States, and resides in Arlington Texas.

Palace Dance Center is a Multi-Platinum Award Winning Studio, Award Winning Sorority Competition, Award Winning Cheerleader Dances, Award Winning Dances in all Dance Subjects, and Crowd Rising Wedding Dances.

Palace Dance Center for not only dancers, but for anyone whom is inspired to move. Palace Dance Center is a place of dance/entertainment, but most importantly a place to enjoy dancing, to gain inspiration, and see the beauty in yourself no matter who you are. Palace Dance Center allows dancers of any age and gender to remember what dance is all about “Art”. When you are creating pieces of art, there is no right or wrong way to create, although there are many ways to perfect the presentation of the piece.

Palace Dance Center allows your dancer to create art through bodily movements. As Instructors, using our learned skills we are able to inform each dancer about a proven factor on how they will be able to execute dance steps in a confident way by using specific muscles and breaths to insure smooth transitions.

Palace Dance Center has been featured in over 20 states with the leadership if there Director, traveling to guarantee the outreach to not only local dancers but dancers everywhere get the ROYALTY experience.

Palace Dance Center: “Where every dancer gains confidence, and is treated like Royalty”.