Royalty Views – Testimony

Let Us Prove We are the Best…

These Royalty Families have taken the time to let you know we make Super Stars here.

We have had many dancers go on to  Television, Broadway, DCC, MAVS Dancers, Black Foxes, UNT Dancers, TCU Dancers, TWU, Apache Belles, University of Houston, and the list goes on. We start them young to guarentee a brighter dance future!

Princess Lauren R (age 13)


I joined because I wanted training for my theater background

I stay here because I have plans to go to Julliard and I have developed in such a rapid pace I am getting leads parts in my current theater company. Miss Jennifer took me from zero knowledge of (tap specifically) to 2 months later I am able to assist other dancers in their tap skills during class.


Monica R (Royalty Mom)

I signed up my dancer  because she wanted to learn one specific style at first

We stay here because  Jennifer is great and flexible with our schedule and my dancer is now taking other subjects and assisting at shows, and she also gets the chance to showcase her singing as well.


Melissa R (Royalty Mom)


 We joined because Miss Jennifer met with us and thorougly explained her studios mission. She was enthusiastic and the passion showed! My girls instantly wanted to join

We stay for all the reasons we joined!  Miss Jennifer & her staff are absolutely encouraging! She has great expectations and pushes the girls in a way that keeps them motivated. You can tell she wants to see them succeed.


 The Dutchess Team: Tammie S (Royalty Mom)


We joined because it is a great fun place near my home for the girls to join

We stay because  the girls love the instructors. They have fun making a lot of friends. They love to dance.

We had our Birthday here because it is a large space & great packages. My party was great


Princess Tabitha W. (age 13)

I  Joined because I needed training,  Wanted to reach goals &Be more confident

I Stay because it is a friendly place, Good price, &  the best training