Definitions and Goals Per Subject






Acting at Palace Dance Center helps dancers to explore their emotions and take what’s learned and apply it to other aspects of life and dance. Some of our main focuses in this class include posture, speaking abilities, overall presentation of oneself, and of course acting training based on the dancer’s skill level.  Palace Dance Center recommends this class to ALL dancers to improve on stage presents and presentation.


Ballet is the root of all dance. It is the style of dance that all other types of dance’s stem from. Ballet helps to benefit a dancer’s balance, posture, & to develop the dancer’s awareness of self. Ballet will help to grow a dancer’s technique as well as build, strengthen, and tone the muscles. Ballet is highly recommended here at Palace Dance Center for the growth of your dancer’s dance career.


Clogging, having originated in Ireland, is characterized by the sounds made of the shoes rhythmic and syncopated striking agents the floor, creating many different patterns and sounds. Clogging will grow a dancer’s sense of rhythm and musicality, and will also broaden a dancer understanding of ways their feet, ankles, and legs can be utilized. Palace Dance Center recommends this class for any dancer interested in broadening their horizons.


Contemporary is a performance in which the dancers perform to with deep expression of a song in hopes of expressing the same emotion that the artist is portraying in the lyrics, sound effects, or beats. Contemporary is one of the deepest emotional types of dances from happy to sad, remembrances, experiences, and really anything under the sun can be defined with the movements made. Here at Palace Dance Center, we recommend Contemporary for a dancer who is on an advance level of technique and in their stage presence to properly execute movements required for this style of dance.


Drill Team/ Professional Team Class is for dancers who aspire to entertain at various sporting events at the professional, college, or high school level. Dancer in this class learn discipline as well as high level leadership qualities. Dancers also receive the correct technical training required for this specific discipline. Drill Team/Professional Team Class training also strengthens one’s ankles, core, gluts, back, and arms at a rapid pace. Palace Dance Center recommends this class to anyone going into high school or college planning to pursue Drill Team or Professional Dance as an extracurricular activity or career who is also able to take on intense and professional training with rapid results.

Making its first appearance in the U.S.A. in the 1920’s, is now one of the most popular styles of dance today. Jazz will strengthen a dancer’s muscles as well as their technique. Your dancer’s stamina will also grow as jazz can be physically demanding. We recommend Jazz to all dancers at Palace Dance Center that want to be able to show multiple personalities and different levels of energy.


Modern utilizes breath through performance and emphasizes the creation of shapes with the body. Specifically, modern deeply focuses on articulation of the spine, feet, and arms to tell a story. Unlike lyrical, modern is typically performed to instrumental music rather than music with lyrics, and solely relies on the dancer’s expression to Capture the essence of whatever emotion it is they are setting out to portray. We recommend modern to mature dancers looking to tell a story.


Mommy and Me: designed for baby to grow and develop and Mommy to get a workout in without dropping off at daycare. Ballet and Tumbling will be performed in this class. Gives Mommy and Baby skills to achieve any goals they have.

Musical theater is meant for any dancer who plans to pursue dance professionally. While musical theater technically has no set style and can encompass elements from many other styles of dance such as jazz and hip-hop, musical theater’s main emphasis is learning how to perform on stage and in front of a camera. In this class, dancers will perfect their usage of facial expressions through dance as well as overall stage presence. Palace Dance Center recommends this class for students that attend performing arts schools as well as anyone trying to grow themselves as a performer.


Tap dance is characterized by the sounds made of the shoe’s rhythmic striking agents on the floor, creating many different patterns and sounds. Tap will grow a dancer’s sense of rhythm and musicality, and will also bring in a dancer understanding of ways their feet, ankles, and legs can be utilized. Palace Dance Center does cater to the East Coast style for our performing arts students. Although for our recreational dancers tend to lean more towards the West Coast style of tap. Tumbling at Palace Dance Center Allows for dancers to receive basic to advance gymnastics training that will help further their abilities in other classes.

Tumbling strengthens the hands, wrist, ankles, and spine of a dancer which helps to prevent injuries in every other discipline offered at Palace Dance Center. Tumbling also increases flexibility as well as a dancer’s stamina. This class is recommended for any dancer who wishes to grow their acrobatic abilities along with overall strength and discipline as a dancer.